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:holly: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :holly: FELIZ NAVIDAD! :holly: JOYEUX NOEL! :holly: BUON NATALE! :holly: FROHE WEIHNACHTEN! :holly: VESELE VIANOCE! :holly: メリー·クリスマス!:holly: 메리 크리스마스! :holly: 圣诞节快乐! :holly: Καλά Χριστούγεννα :holly:

Expect a lot of holiday cheer today! I have future Holiday projects in stock for all my faithful watchers and audience! This is going to be a busy December... so stay tuned! :santa:



My critiques on other people's artwork. You can read my opinions on the details and feelings from the art I usually see.


So I went to the flea market again. I chatted with the artist at the booth, and I took a look through the game booth.

And I found something for a good deal... better than a hamburger and fries lunch.

Two games gotten by the ten dollar bill in my wallet. It's Jak and Jak II!

Win 20150412 190828 by Tony-Akita

Congratulate me guys! Well, gotta go!

  • Mood: Excited
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  • Playing: What's in my hand
  • Eating: Pizza, Chica!

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Welcome to my page. I am Anthony, a cartoonist with an interest in furries. I am a Cancer, a moonchild and a son of Crab City, Baltimore. I was born under a full moon, and I am all lunatic.

I take interest in pop culture, whether I like it or not. Not only that, but I take myself as a hipster, only interested in the non-mainstream rock and music, as well as retro style and logo t-shirts.

Thank you for visiting my page.

:iconjapanplz::iconjapan2plz: :iconeuropeplz: :icondevoplz: :icontarakoplz::iconspiritedawayplz: :iconstarfoxplz: :iconbambooplz: :iconstormplz:


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So I went to the flea market again. I chatted with the artist at the booth, and I took a look through the game booth.

And I found something for a good deal... better than a hamburger and fries lunch.

Two games gotten by the ten dollar bill in my wallet. It's Jak and Jak II!

Win 20150412 190828 by Tony-Akita

Congratulate me guys! Well, gotta go!

  • Mood: Excited
  • Watching: Sailor Moon S
  • Playing: What's in my hand
  • Eating: Pizza, Chica!
First thing's first, happy birthday to SammiFoxy

It's her birthday today. Sammi is a good friend of mine and the Marshall-Fox chat team. She has contributed much to the roleplay, and is doing well in her art, her storytelling, and her dance. Also, she has been a nice friend to us, helping out with others' dilemmas, working things out when there's a problem, and just... always being in the right.

Thinking about it, Sammi has actually been a big inspiration to some of my art, as well as a big help in how I can improve and what not. Happy birthday, Sammi.

Second thing... I've done a lot of character drawings... and that has been improving much over the years. Characterization has also been my forte in the roleplays I do. But maybe it's time to think more about the stage rather than the actors.

I have this idea for a roleplay I'd like to do. I sketched a bit on some of the characters in it, but I am thinking... why not draw some sketches of the world they come from? Why not sketch some other buildings or places? For example, I want to draw a sketch of one of Summer's dream vacation spots. Another sketch is of this world for angels to train and live in. Also, there are some building sketches, homes of characters... I don't think I would be able to sketch Furtopia due to some restrictions and permits and whatnot... but if Marshall-Fox is willing to let me...

Third thing... tomorrow morning, I will be paying a visit to this college I have my eyes on. I'm a little eager about it; maybe my mom will also take me somewhere else, but I don't think I will be home for a long time on Saturday... I may return at the start of the evening on Saturday, but just letting you guys know.

Finally, Orioles are back in business! And surprise... we lost to Toronto... didn't the Blue Jays cream a lot of other teams before? Eh, I don't watch Baseball much, but show some support for your fellow O's.

And that's about it. See ya' later everybody.

Again, shout out to SammiFoxy. Happy birthday!

OK everybody, bye!

You still here? It's over! Go on...
  • Mood: Thrilled
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  • Watching: The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Playing: GTA V... I should do story mode...
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Where there are beaches... by Tony-Akita
Where there are beaches...
Finally drew a picture of Summer, one of my RP characters that have yet to be seen...

This is Summer Worchester, a mix between a tanuki and a western raccoon... though her design may be subject to change. I'll admit, first time I roleplayed with her, I didn't like her so much... but as she got caught up more and more in Marshall and Adul's antics, I started to like her... and I became inspired to draw her... and I wanted to see how she will develop more.

The first step to that is to bang out a drawing of her and come up with a random design. But of course, if I get around to using her more, and drawing her more, she'll develop. Besides, I like how this drawing turned out anyways.

More on her is that she is a Pisces (let's make her birthday... March 8), she aims to please, she works as a maid in Sammi's café, she doesn't mind paw play, she is a bit paranoid, and she tends to be a dreamer. In fact, one of her keepsakes is a postcard of a beach she once stayed at. She pulls it out every now and then, and sometimes dreams about coming back to it, for even a day at least. Things seem to be getting tougher, and she is feeling she shouldn't be the only one to escape to this beach...

There is more to the postcard, but I might get to that later... or not. That will be a side plot in progress.

I was gonna ride my bike all the way to this beach I used to go to as a kid. It was in one of those natural parks, so it wasn't too far...

Scratch that, it WAS too far... too far by bike, actually.

I tried to bike all the way from my local plaza to the park. (I took a bus to the plaza from Checkers) I didn't make it... I spent most of my time avoiding cars (it was a narrow road) and I felt completely lost. I gave up and turned my bike around after biking for half an hour. It took another half an hour to bike down the other side of the highway... so from the plaza to where I stopped biking... that was a one hour bike... and an exhausting one at most.

It wasn't a total bust, though. I have gotten some pretty pictures... and now I know where to find fresh produce because there were some farms on that road I have taken.

I may try again another day... after I look at Google Maps, but for now I give up.

  • Mood: Tired
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  • Watching: Traffic lights
  • Eating: A Fry Lover's burger
  • Drinking: From water fountains
Peep-ing at my paws? (alt. version) by Tony-Akita
Peep-ing at my paws? (alt. version)
A yellow little Peep has the misfortune of being squished under Amy's paws.

Let's be straight, here. You want paws... bunny paws... strong, cute, and soft bunny paws. So here's another version of the story.

Amy turns into a bunny again for this Spring Holiday! The best part of being a bunny are those bunny paws. Bunny paws are strong if they are skilled in hopping, dashing, and of course, luck. A single Peep wanted to take a closer look at Amy's paws. Unfortunately, Amy steps on the Peep. Her muscular bunny paws squish the soft, marshmallow Peep between her toes in one step.

Who wants a lick?


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