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Haunted house of Tony!

Halloween is coming... and I will be posting scares, scares, and more scares this coming month... keep watching... if you dare...



My critiques on other people's artwork. You can read my opinions on the details and feelings from the art I usually see.



Join me for art, chatting, and Baltimore Ravens.…



Join me for art, chatting, and Baltimore Ravens.…

In response to :iconroflysworkshop:

1. Choose some of your OC'S

2. Make your OC'S answer these questions

3. Tag other people.

4. Add one question of your own

I will be using Tony (akita), Amy "Corvino" Johnson (tabby cat), Ken Stanley Ochi (hyena), Jenny Williams Cox (coyote), Yokina (black cat/witch), Melissa (aegean cat), Cody Palmer (border collie), and Divus (fox-raccoon mix/spirit)

1. How old are you?
Tony: I'm 17. (since he's my fursona, his birthday and age are similar to mine)
Amy: 19. (May 2nd)
Ken: I'm 21. (August 27th)
Jenny: I've recently turned 19. (November 15th)
Yokina: 14, and going on 15! (December 7th)
Melissa: I'm 21. (September 24th)
Cody: 13! (October 1st)
Divus: As long as I could recall... with me being chosen to keep the spirits and all... (Born in the 1600s)

2. Do you want a hug?
Tony: No thank you. I'll be fine.
Amy: (purrs and hugs you)
Ken: Sure, why not? ^^ (hugs)
Jenny: Maybe...
Yokina: Yes! ありがとう!(hugs)
Melissa: I'd love one. (hugs)
Cody: Not now! I'm in the middle of saving the Quinks! (on a handheld console)
Divus: It would be much appreciated... mind the spirits please. (hugs gently)

3. Have any bad habits?
Tony: Acting without thinking... one too many times.
Amy: Oh, I could list 'em if you want me to.
Ken: Nope.
Jenny: I tend to snap a bit.
Yokina: (angry) No! Does it sound like I have a bad habit!?
Melissa: Over eating... (looks at her pudge)
Cody: Huh? (still playing his game)
Divus: I get stressed a lot... it's not easy being the gate of the spirit world.

4. Are you a virgin?
Tony: Not since that incident...
Amy: No way, jose.
Ken: Yeah.. is that a problem? o.O
Jenny: I believe I am.
Yokina: Yes?
Melissa: No, but I'm looking forward to a new child. ^^
Cody: What's a virgin?
Divus: Does being a spiritual virgin count? I'm not female...

5. Killed Anyone?
Tony: No.
Amy SG: A whole mess of mobsters. Oh, you should have seen it.
Ken: What!? No!
Jenny: A phoenix. (it's true)
Yokina: Almost... I'm losing my temper...
Melissa: No! Who's asking this?
Cody: Does that include shivs in Team Fortress 2? (he's a spy!)
Divus: It is never a spirit keeper's duty to take life from others.

6. Hate Anyone?
Tony: If everybody hates me... then yes.
Amy: That Stinkbug! > : (
Ken: I'm not taking a liking to the head of my journalist team. (he's doing journalism now)
Jenny: Men... and I can back that up. (One too many failed relationships)
Yokina: That ばか, Marcelle. (Adul-Fox's character)
Melissa: Nobody so far...
Cody: N00bs. You know which ones. Especially the hacking types.
Divus: Demons... they can be mischievous.

7. Love Anyone?
Tony: No. Why should I? Every time I fall in love, it turns to sh*t.
Amy: My husband, Marik. (benracer's character) Did you know he's psychic? ewe
Ken: Yes. Haruka Daisuke. (Marshall-Fox's character)
Jenny: I love Aya. She's kind. (Adul-Fox's character)
Yokina: Andy-san. (SalamenceCake's character)
Melissa: Clarkson. (benracer's character)
Cody: I love my brother, Andy. ^^
Divus: I loved all my friends, even those that have died a long time ago.

8. Favorite Season?
Tony: Summer, of course.
Amy: Summer! These paws get stuffy in the other seasons... (wiggles her toes in her boots)
Ken: Obviously Summer.
Jenny: Summer. ^^
Yokina: 夏.
Melissa: I prefer Spring.
Cody: Summer!
Divus: I believe Spring is a lovely season.

9.  Who's Your Best Friend?
Tony: Marshall (Marshall-Fox) and Alex. (TheBigMan0706) I wouldn't call them BEST friends though.
Amy: There's Clarkson, Erwin (both benracer's characters), and Reggie. (Adul-Fox's character)
Ken: Haruka (Marshall-Fox), Marshall (Marshall-Fox), and Jenny.
Jenny: Aya, Marcelle (both Adul-Fox's characters), Ukana (Shinyuu33's character), and Ken. He's the only man I trust.
Yokina: Andy and Cassandra. (both SalamenceCake's characters)
Melissa: Clarkson, Erwin, and the Johnsons. (benracer)
Cody: I like Alex (TheBigMan0706) and Taro. (Shinyuu33)
Divus: I have many... literally. (shows his most favorite spirits)

10. Hobbies?
Tony: I go outside a bit.
Amy: Me and Marik make out a bit. ewe (benracer)
Ken: When I'm not broadcasting, I sometimes like to go ATV racing.
Jenny: I dance a little, but I mostly spend time listening to CDs.
Yokina: (tapping her foot, hums) ewe
Melissa: I draw. I also like to eat on occasions.
Cody: Video games! :D
Divus: Sometimes, I tend to do a little sightseeing.

11. What is your eye color?
Tony: Amber.
Amy: Green.
Ken: Blue eyes.
Jenny: Blue.
Yokina: オレンジ.
Melissa: Rose colored.
Cody: Red.
Divus: Blue eyes.

12. Are you good or bad?
Tony: I seem to be the bad guy nowadays... (anti-hero, more or less)
Amy: I'm a bad girl... sort of... (nurses her children)
Ken: I'm a good guy. (Goody two-shoes more like)
Jenny: I'm on the good side.
Yokina: Am I good?
Melissa: I'm good.
Cody: Beware, evil-doers!
Divus: It is against my code to assist in evil.

13. What is your greatest fear?
Tony: Embarrassment. I feel as if everyone's laughing at me.
Amy: Losing Marik or the children.
Ken: I fear as if I'm not spending enough time with Haruka.
Jenny: I'm probably being too cruel, nowadays.
Yokina: Is Andy dating Marcelle? o_o
Melissa: Losing anything, really.
Cody: Dying. .w.
Divus: A demon uprising... it has happened before.

14. Does your name have a special meaning?
Tony: I dunno. Named after St. Anthony I guess?
Amy: Johnson is the name of my new family and my veteran soldier, Marik.
Ken: Ochi is laughter in the African language. Not because I'm a hyena and I laugh, but it's more that I like to make the others around me cheerful. I don't like it when my friends are down.
Jenny: Not really...
Yokina: My name's Japanese for "cheerful."
Melissa: It's Greek for Honey.
Cody: My special name is... PhillyOver9000! (You figure that one out)
Divus: It's a name that stands for deity.

15, Where do you live?
(Note: Almost all of my characters live in Furtopia, the RP world in which I partake in. So to mix things up a bit, I'm going to list their former homes)
Tony: I come from Baltimore... it's a long way from where I am, though...
Amy: My family lives in California.
Ken: I moved to New York.
Jenny: I used to live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Yokina: Western America.
Melissa: I live in California with Clarkson.
Cody: Me and my brother came from Philadelphia.
Divus: I used to be a prince in Europe...

16. Do you find yourself attractive?
Tony: I doubt it... (strokes his long hair)
Amy: Mmm... (unlacing her boots)
Ken: I dunno. Is my collar up? (checks his open button shirt)
Jenny: I think so, but I tend to switch it up a bit.
Yokina: I'm cute!
Melissa: I'm not too bad.
Cody: (looks at himself) No...
Divus: Well... I guess cleanliness is next to godliness. ewe

Bonus. What's your favorite food?
Tony: I'd definitely go for some curry... but now it's more like "fast food." I prefer pizza over hamburgers.
Amy: Crab cakes.
Ken: Food on the go. No time to stop and eat! ^^ (prefers cup-o-noodles)
Jenny: A good BBQ meal does the trick.
Yokina: Udon, please. ^^
Melissa: A chicken broccoli and cheese casserole pie... mmmm...
Cody: Chicken wings. (+100 HP)
Divus: Lobster with wine.

My question:
What's your idea of a vacation?
Tony: I'd go for a week at the beach in solitude.
Amy: Hawaii with the family. ewe (She's been to Hawaii)
Ken: A trip to the beach with Haruka. ^^
Jenny: Just a week off of the DIA to recollect myself.
Yokina: A trip to Hollywood!
Melissa: An art museum would be nice.
Cody: You'd find me in a convention!
Divus: There's always work to be done... (resumes his duties as a spirit keeper)

I tag...
:iconadul-fox:, :iconmarshall-fox:, and :iconshiroferetto23:
Dansu Dansu Koneko! by Tony-Akita
Dansu Dansu Koneko!
Yokina enjoys a bit of dancing.

Whenever she hears some good music, she starts tapping her foot. That's a hint that she's about to break into dance, and when she dances, she doesn't want anybody stopping her. She can really swing to the beat. She's a bit egotistical about her dancing, apparently... which has kind of gotten her in trouble with Marcelle. (:devadul-fox)

Also, kind of being a bit of a foot (or more like boot) tease. She's deciding to show them off a bit in her dance, I guess? This is also an experiment with the usage of onomatopoeia and comic panel shape to direct the viewer's eye.

Wonder what she's dancing too...

Five Nights at Freddie's is TERRIFYING!
So... yeah.

I do like the new name I have given myself.

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Hey guys. First off, I like zangeese (of course). I also like to admire different cultures such as the Japanese and the Europeans. I am an 80's music and movie fan. I really admire Hayao Miyazaki's works and movies. I am also on the modern side as well. Thanks for visiting my page.

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