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(Jenny) Jennifer Cox 2017 Reference by Tony-Akita (Jenny) Jennifer Cox 2017 Reference by Tony-Akita
DISCLAIMER: This traditional work has been digitally edited in some areas.

Finally! The long awaited reference for Jenny is done!


Name: Jennifer Williams Cox
Nicknames?: Jenny, Jen
Species: Coyote (Canis Iatrans)
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Miami, FL
D.O.B: November 15th, 1995
Age of now: 21
Zodiac: Scorpio


Likes: Eurodance and music in general, Singing, Boots, Plans, Other women at times
Dislikes: Messing up, Betrayal, Horny men (or sometimes men in general), Losing things

Motive: She wants to know all the information as well as give justice.
Deterrent: She can have trust issues with others, even when she needs their help, and she also is afraid to lose those who she does trust.

Friends: Diablo (Tony-Akita), Skylar (MicBow), Lexy (SammiFoxy), Aya (SammiFoxy)
Rivals: Kathy (Tony-Akita), King Marshall (Benji-Fox), Melinda (SammiFoxy), Lord Maltren (SammiFoxy), Kuro (Tony-Akita)

Strengths: Intelligent, Determined
Weaknesses: Cold at times, Judgmental, Grudgeful, Materialistic
Neutral: Tomboyish


History: She was the second born of the coyote family and the one who received the most attention. She was educated mostly by her mother, Carrie Cox, who wishes nothing but success for her daughter, or so it seems. Her father, Steve Cox, spends most of his time playing music on his guitar and singing, which lead to Jenny's eccentric taste in music. However, her father couldn't make enough money with gigs and tips, and the family eventually moved to Pittsburgh to cope with financial issues. In Pittsburgh, she made some friends with a jackal named Mogi and a dragon named Eric. The three formed a band, but Jenny's "born-into-royalty" origins made her seem pretentious in the mini-band, albeit the lead singer as Mogi was terrible at singing. Seeing Jenny's potential, Carrie tried moving to the West to gain her daughter notoreity, breaking her up from Mogi and Eric. However, Mogi makes a last request for Jenny and asks that if Jenny were to become famous, she should get an autograph from somebody famous for Mogi.

Tony-Akita Canon: Her dreams and aspirations for education and fame were wiped out when the last demon siege destroyed her city, leaving her empty and with little else to do. She ends up meeting Diablo, whom she later shares a relationship with and even having a child with named Lucy.

SammiFoxy Canon: She grew close to Aya, but the relationship was cut short when Aya suddenly disappears from time and space, including all of Jenny's memories of Aya. However, Aya leaves Jenny, as well as Adul, a small bit of information from another universe, telling about an event known as the Frequency that could wreak havoc on the world. Adul and Jenny set off to prevent such an occurance and recover memories of Aya, only to get caught up in what seems like hell on the two of them.

MicBow Canon: Befriending Skylar (to the point of a mutual love interest), she and Diablo get caught up in the antics of the two wolves as Jenny strives to protect Skylar, Lucy, and Kathy.

Other Canon: She falls in love with a wolf named Striker, only to be dumped by him and thrown into a state of distrust, leaving her vengeful against men.

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Bobb-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
I like this picture!

And I love Jenny's boots, especially those combat boots she's wearing. X3
lectraplayer Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
+insert another uncreative one worder here...+

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